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Telangana: Podu controversy in Nagarkurnul district: Petro attack on forest officials

Mannanur (Achanpeta): The land dispute in Nagarkurnool district has led to tension. A woman poured petrol on an officer and tried to set herself on fire, but was stopped by bystanders.

Knowing the matter, MLA Guvala Balaraju reached there and got angry with the authorities. 20  schedule tribs (Chenchu) from Macharan, Amrabad zone, Nagarkurnool district have been cultivating 60 acres of fallow land nearby for 30 years.

A month ago those lands were not cultivated Forest department officials tried to give notices to the chenchu tribs  but they refused.

Under the supervision of FBO Madhusudan Goud Forest officials came to mark the lands on Friday to set up the plantation. With this, the women farmers of Chenchu ​​got into an argument. He said he was ready to die or be killed for the land.

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Meanwhile, a woman poured petrol on a forest officer and tried to light a match. The accident was avoided as soon as some were pulled over.

Knowing this, MLA Guvala Balaraju went there and spoke. It was 15 days ago that the issue of fallow lands would be brought to the notice of the CM KCR soon and not to bother the chenchu’s told authorities.

Forest department officials are concerned that such incidents may take place in an attempt to reclaim forest lands that were encroached upon after 2014 as per the directions of CM KCR.

Mozam Ali Khan, president of the Telangana Junior Forest Officers’ Association, has condemned an attempt to assassinate forest officials in a bid to clear forest land encroachment, which is detrimental to nature and the environment.

He regretted pouring petrol on an officer on duty and attempting to assassinate him. Instead of repeating similar incidents, the government and forest officials have appealed for immediate action.

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