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Singareni: Next 3 months crucial period for achieving coal production targets: CMD Sridhar

Coal production is expected to reach 1.85 lakh tonnes per day in July: Measures to ensure that there are no interruptions in the production to be produced for the rainy season: Harita Haram succeeds

CMD N. Sridhar Suggestions to Area GM at Monthly Review Meeting

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Hyderabad: Company Chairman & MD Sri. N. Sridhar suggested that these three months (July, August & September) are very important this financial year to achieve the set yearly target of 70 million tons set by Singareni and production should carry on with a set plan without any interruptions in production and transportation due to the rainy season.

He said that that the targets in the first three months in this financial year have been achieved and to work with the same zeal in the second quarter as well. He instructed the GMs of all areas that everyday 1.85 lakh tons of coal must be produced and transported in the month of July.

He conducted the review meeting via video conference on Saturday from Hyderabad Singareni Bhavan. He instructed everybody on the targets to be achieved in the present month and reviewed the production last month.

64% Growth in production in the first quarter of 2021-22

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Chairman & MD Sri. N. Sridhar explained that in the last financial year in the first quarter 9.5 million tons of coal was produced and in this financial year in the first quarter 15.57 million tons of coal was produced, thus achieving 64% growth. Last year in the first three months 8.47 million tons of coal was transported and presently 16.7 million tons was transported, thus achieving 97.16% growth. When compared to last year 95.02 million cubic meters of over burden was removed, thus achieving 18.7% growth has been achieved. He suggested that the same zeal continue in the second quarter as well.

No interruptions for production during rainy season…

Chairman & MD suggested that there is a possibility of interruptions during the rainy season arrangements to be made rain water be pumped out from every mine and precautions are to be taken.  He passed instructions to the area GMs that special plans are to be made for production in every shift and if there is an interruption due to rain in one shift then work has to be done to cover the deficit in another shift.  He said that periodical review is to be conducted by the officials with regard to production and transportation and guide the employees accordingly. He informed that all necessary things are to be arranged to achieve set targets and if there are any requirements or problems they can be brought to his notice and he would work towards resolving them.

He said that nothing less than 33 rakes of coal should be transported as presently there is demand for coal.  Adriala project should collectively work towards achieving set targets.  All measures to be taken to ensure that production begins at the Naini project taken up by Singareni in Odisha. Special attention is to be given to the OCP-5 project at RG-1.

At this meeting he passed instructions on the new projects in every area, related land acquisition, permissions to get from different departments of the State and Central Governments.

Haritha Haram as a prestigious project.

Chairman & MD Sri. N. Sridhar suggested  to all the Directors and area GMs that the 7th Haritha Haram has to be made successful at Singareni. This year 50 lakh saplings have to be planted throughout Singareni. Program to be planned keeping in loop the Local people’s representatives and collectors. Haritha Haram program taken up in the last year has been very successful and has given good results.

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