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iTIC Incubator at IITH and WIN Foundation, US selects two candidates to develop tech for Child Growth and Health Monitoring 


iTIC Incubator and WIN Foundation, US conducted Win Challenge along with network partner – Telangana Social Startup Network

Focus areas for the WIN challenge were Child Growth and Health Monitoring

Winners get pre-incubation support at iTIC incubator and opportunity to test the solutions by WIN Foundation

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Hyderabad, July 05, 2021: iTIC Incubator at IIT Hyderabad and WIN Foundation, US organized WIN Challenge utilizing the network of TSSN, with a motive to provide innovative solutions to the problems around Child growth and Health Monitoring.  Participants were asked to solve the problem in any of the 3 topic solutions. The challenges given to the participant were – From a picture or set of pictures, estimate the height, weight & unlikely health issue in the body of a child. This challenge focused on finding solutions for the problems by using the photographs of subjects using computer vision, AI/ML, and other deep technologies.

WIN Challenge was launched virtually in the Second week of June and received a very good response from students, researchers, academia, and entrepreneurs from across the nation with solutions. After the preliminary round of screening, top participants were called for a virtual interview and 2 winners were selected based on their technical understanding to solve these problems.

The winners of the Challenge are:  Romita Ghosh, Winner: Pankaj Saini, Runner-up

Paresh Vora, Director – India Operations, WIN Foundation said, “Child nutrition is a major focus area of WIN Foundation. IIT Hyderabad has excellent startup support systems and infrastructure, and our partnership with them for WIN Challenge aims to identify and support startups, to measure infant child growth from their photographs through AI/ML technology. This has the potential to address a major challenge of Child Nutrition programs, to measure the growth of large numbers of infants in urban slums, rural and tribal areas, and thereby enable quick suggestions for corrective measures in malnutrition cases.”

Prof. S. Suryakumar, Faculty-in-Charge, Innovation, Incubation & Startups at IIT Hyderabad shared, “The winners will be supported by the iTIC incubator by providing access to grants, pre-incubation support, mentorship, co-working space, and network for building successful prototypes. The winners will also be able to test their prototypes in collaboration with WIN Foundation. Among successful testing, WIN Foundation would also support winners in getting the customer pilots.”



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