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D Y Patil University and IIC Jointly organizes a week-day webinar on STTP on July 5

Mumbai-based D Y Patil University, IIC, IEEE and MOTF are jointly organizing a week-long webinar from the 5th of this month to create awareness on the STTP course.

DPIIT-IPR AU Chairman, Former CMD NRDC Dr.H. Purushottam will be the chief guest. The event will be held weekdays from 11 a.m. to 1.00 p.m., organizers said. They mentioned that students and young entrepreneurs can participate directly in the program.

About STTP

The objective of this STTP Course is to impart greater awareness about the issue of intellectual property rights (IPR). Which has gained a special importance for all the domains of patentability criteria in details and viable aspect of the patent. Also, the patent system and the possible patent routes will be explained in more details. This workshop innovates invited lectures by distinguished  legal exports in the field of drafting of patent specifications, filling of patents copy rights and Trade Marks.

STTP Topics

Things innovations should know about IP

Intellectual property

Midle of the post

Patent-ability requirements patent appeals, patent prosecution

Copy right forms digital millennium copy right act (DMCA) safe their harbors.

Categories of marks. Strength of marks. Trade mark search. Trade secrets

Intellectual property articles

Intellectual property resources

Intellectual property laws

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