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TS Biodiversity Board initiatives for Biodiversity Conservation has launched a new concept of ‘Biodiversity Rachhabanda’

Provides specialized services in biodiversity conservation and resource development in the state of Telangana. It has won many awards from the Central Government. Kalicharan Khartade’s services as Board Secretary for Biodiversity Conservation are commendable, following the orders of his superiors as per the wishes of CM KCR and Forest and Environment Minister Allola Indrakaran Reddy.

CM KCR Manasa Putrika has initiated an innovative Biodiversity Rachhabanda program specifically to protect the plants planted across the state through the Harithaharam program as well as to create awareness among the village people about the conservation of biodiversity resources in the surrounding areas of the villages.

Rachhabanda has a special place in the villages. It is customary for the young and the old to go there in their spare time and discuss various topics. With this in mind, it was decided to discuss the issue of conservation of valuable trees and government-planted plants in the Gamma area as well as conservation of biodiversity resources.

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The women and children, irrespective of age, shared with everyone in the village that their ideas would be used to conserve biodiversity resources.

Special measures have been taken to set up biodiversity hotspots in all the villages of the state. Secretary Kalicharan Khartade said the PCCF Ms. R. Shobha had launched the program on the occasion of International Biodiversity Day-2021.

He said the first phase of the pilot project would be to set up Biodiversity Rachhabanda’s in 100 villages.

The secretary explained that despite the delay in terms of corona, efforts are being made to expedite the implementation of the scheme.


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