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Hyderabad: Free-style open air gymnasium opened at EFLU

Hyderabad: Prof. E. Suresh Kumar, Vice Chancellor, The English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Hyderabad, who is also the Member of University Grants Commission (UGC), inaugurated the novel Open Air Gymnasium at the University’s Jogger’s Park today.

The Vice Chancellor remarked that this is an innovative free-style Gymnasium with the fitness equipment that functions on the user’s body weight without requiring any progressive weights added to the equipment to gain fitness. Earlier, the Vice Chancellor unveiled the plaque of the Open-Air Gymnasium at the University Park.

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Referring to the fitness equipment as simple and cost-effective, the Vice Chancellor said that the equipment is useful both for compound movements and isolation workouts for gaining good results.

He called on the fraternity of the University to utilize the equipment as it requires minimal physical exertion yet yielding good results.  The Free-style Open Air Gymnasium has double health walkers, three-way waist twisters, and shoulder press equipment.

A good gathering of the members of the faculty, teacher administrators, and the non-teaching staff of the University were present on the occasion following the COVID protocol.


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