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NI-MSME Organized Loan Mela in Association with Baroda Bank

National institute for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (ni-msme) Hyderabad which is a premier institution for development of MSMEs has organised a loan mela for start-ups on 08.07.2021 at its yousuf guda campus. Ms. Glory Swarupa, Director General of ni-msme is initiating loan melas  for the start-ups and frequently conducting the loan melas in its campus keeping in view that start-up units should not have hurdles in getting financial assistance.

Ni-msme has strategically organised an awareness programme on Start-up finance by inviting all start-ups on 6th July 2021 and arranged Loan mela in association with BOB.

Mr. Manmohan Gupta, General Manager of Bank of Baroda, Mr. Vijaya Raju, Regional Hed, Mr. Vinod Babu, Regional Manager, Mr. Ravipati Srinivas, Regional Manager Telangana region, and Mr. Sandeep Bhatnagar, Director (marketing) of ni-msme, Ms. Nandita Sethi, Founder of Entrepreneur Zone were present and interacted with the start-ups and evaluated the business plans of the start-ups for giving financial assistance.

Mr. Manmohan Gupta, General Manager of Bank of Baroda has spoken on the occasion and explained how BoB is positive towards startup financing and his inspired speech could generate hopes among start-ups.

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Bank of Baroda officials have given a detailed presentation on their start-up financial products like term loans, working capital loans, venture capital etc and their services towards srart-up units like Zero balance currunt accounts, Cards, and other services.

After the presentation BoB has  initiated for Business proposal presentations from the start-ups. A total number of 52 start-ups from different sectors like IT, food processing, Electornics, Health, and logistics sectors. attended the loan mela and successfully presented their business plans and fruitful discussions were done with BoB officials.

Approximately a total worth of Rs. 500 crore worth of proposals were taken for assessment and appraisal in this loan mela.  Mr. G. Sudarshan, Faculty member of ni-msme has coordinated this loan mela and organised in a systematic manner by facilitating between BoB and Start-ups. Smt. Meenakshi Start-up service Manager of, Hitech city branch and Smt. G.V. Arti were actively participated in this loan mela for its success.



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