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Washington:  Today’s news, If the dream comes true .. Can’t believe it: Sirisha Bandla

Viewing the Earth from space is a great feeling

Washington: ‘If the dream is real .. I can’t believe all this is real. Sirisha Bandla, a woman of Indian descent, is overwhelmed with joy, saying that it is wonderful to view the earth from space.

We have made his childhood dream come true through the famous American space agency ‘Virgin Galactic’.

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The company’s VSS Unity-22 spacecraft with six astronauts went into space successfully on Sunday. It is known that this 34-year-old Telugu Tejam, aeronautical engineer is also a part of it. She was interviewed by an American media company in this regard.

Very happy to be back after the trip. I still stayed there though. This journey does not seem believable to me. Maybe a bigger word is needed to describe it! Seeing the Earth from space is an amazing event. This journey will never be forgotten.

My dream of wandering in space is now literally coming true. I wanted to be an astronaut. My dream came true in an extraordinary way rather than in the traditional way. Although I think many more people will own this experience.

That is why we are here. “We are working to reduce the cost of these trips in the future,” she said.

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