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Hyderabad: Maharashtra PCCF has lauded forest conservation works in Telangana state

Maharashtra Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (PCCF) Sri G.S. Sai Prakash praised the Telangana State Forest Department for its effective works towards forest conservation along with greenery Program “Harithaharam”.

As part of his Two days tour, a meeting has been organized in Aranya Bhavan, Hyderabad with Smt. R.Sobha, Telangana PCCF, and other Higher Forest Officials for discussions.

Main agenda to learn about the Successive rate of Harithahaharam saplings and its conservation with mutual tie-ups with Panchayat Raj and implementation/amendments under Municipal acts and rules incorporating on Saw Mills concepts and functioning of Zoo Parks and its Conservation and evacuate of human settlements in the Tiger Reserves were the main Discussions.

The successful implementation of greenery in Telangana and the expected increase in greenery is commendable said by Maharashtra PCCF G. Sai Prakash.  Targets and of greenery goals and activities adopted for making success of Harithaharam program explained by Social Forestry (PCCF) Sri R.M. Dobriyal in the form of Power Point Presentation.

Hon’ble Chief Minister and Cabinet Ministers and all Departmental Heads commitment are behind for these good results said PCCF R.Sobha.  Maharashtra PCCF G. Prakash said they are willing to know the guidelines drafted in Municipal act and Panchyat Raj Department and amendments and also care adopted for 85% survival rate of planted plants.

Responding to this, Telangana PCCF explained the steps taken by the government for the success of Harithaharam in detail.

As part of rural and urban development, every village permitted to raise a nursery, one tractor, tanker was allotted  exclusively a green budget is also sanctioned every month, holding meeting with officials at all levels, including the panchayat secretary and sarpanch, fixed up responsible for strictly enforcing of plant survival rates, action against on negligent, fined over cutting trees, feeding cattle and continuous monitoring for the protection of forest resources and distribution of six plants for plantation at homes, have yielded good results, PCCF R.Shobha revealed.

Maharashtra PCCF, said we are planning to implement the techniques and strategies adopted by Telangana State for their success on Greenery activities.

On a mutual consent, Maharashtra PCCF wants to exchange the two lions of similar breed vice -versa from Nagpur Zoo to Telangana Zoo.

Maharashtra PCCF also explained about the measures taken at borders Check Posts activity to curb smuggling and evacuate of human settlements in the Tiger Reserves.  Officials explained the measures taken up in both the states for the protection of vultures.

In the meeting PCCF(Campa) Lokesh Jaiswal, PCCF (Admn.) Swargam Srinivas, APCCFs, M.C.Pargein, Siddananda Kukretti, Vinay Kumar, A.K. Sinha, Ranga Reddy, CCF Sunitha Bhagwath, OSD Shankaran, Zoo Curator Subhadra Devi are participated.

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