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AP: State litigation policy for speedy resolution of court cases: CS

The burden of government litigation on the courts will be reduced if this policy is maintained in a coordinated, time bound manner.

AP Online Legal Case Management System

Possibility to manage database of various cases by introducing (APOLCMS)

Chief Secretary Aditya Nath Das.

New State Litigation

Chief Secretary to Government Aditya Nath Das said that if the policy is implemented effectively, cases will be resolved expeditiously without any delay.

On Saturday, an interactive meeting was held with legal officers and secretaries on the issue of litigation in the fifth block of the Amravati Secretariat. CS, who was present at the meeting, said that if the state litigation policy is constantly monitored and strictly enforced, delays in cases can be avoided and resolved expeditiously.

With this policy, the details of the cases will be known to the public prosecutors and government department officials from time to time so that it will be possible to file counterclaims in the respective cases in a timely manner, he said. He also said that the burden of government litigation on the courts could be reduced if the process could be carried out in a coordinated manner over a period of time.

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Similarly, CS Aditya Nath Das said the policy would help further strengthen the State Prosecution Service.

CS Aditya Nath Das said that due to this, a comprehensive database of various cases pertaining to District Court, High Court and Supreme Court will be available.

At the meeting, state Advocate General Shriram said the public prosecutors were urged to work diligently so that the cases could be resolved expeditiously if the officials of the concerned departments work in coordination.

Earlier in the meeting, the new litigation policy was discussed at length. Periodic review on various lawsuits in the same way, fixing accountability on failure was discussed on. Also reviewed above is the implementation of the Online Case Load Management System (OLCMS).

The Advocate General discussed further strengthening of offices in Government Pleaders (GPs) as well as the introduction of Online Case Load Management System (OLCMS) in offices.

It also discussed the issue of appointing Liaison Officers and Legal Advisers in each government department.

The court issued guidelines on the management of cases and discussed awareness issues with the authorities.

The meeting was attended by Advocate General P. Sudhakar Reddy, Secretary, State Department of Justice, V. Sunita, Chief Secretaries, Secretaries of various departments, several judges and others.

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