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Nationwide demand for Singareni coal: CMD

Demand from Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh: Let’s achieve targets and increase transport

The target of 700 lakh tonnes has to be achieved this year

Mr. N Sridhar CMD,SCCL directed the general managers of all areas to produce at least 1.85 lakh tonnes in August, as there is a demand of at least 2 lakh tonnes per day from consumers for Singareni coal and also from Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh.

The company-wide production and transport was reviewed with general managers of all areas on Tuesday afternoon at Singareni Bhavan, Hyderabad.

Nationwide demand for Singareni coal: CMD

Speaking on the occasion, he said that industries recovering from the corona were now looking towards Singareni for coal, while the Tamil Nadu State Electricity Department was already asking for a linkage of 59 lakh tonnes, adding that an additional 25 lakh tonnes was required for the Solapur NTPC plant in Maharashtra.

There is tons of linkage. NTPC in the state of Uttar Pradesh, which is under Kolindia, said it was seeking Singareni coal for its Unchabahar and Tanda thermal power plants in the wake of the current demand.

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He said there was a demand for coal supply of Rs 2 lakh per day even during the monsoon season. In this context, Singareni advised the company to go ahead with achieving production targets through a special plan as prescribed despite the onslaught of rains in August and September.

Although production was disrupted on a rainy day, the targets were to be met the next day to offset the deficit. It was suggested that if rain fell in one shift and production was disrupted, mining-wise plans should be made to increase production in the next shift.

C&MD aims to ensure efficient implementation of activities such as water pumping and maintenance of hall roads without impeding the achievement of targets. Ordered by Shri N. Sridhar, Expressing satisfaction over the company’s production output in the first four months of this financial year, he called for better performance in the remaining eight months and the target of 700 lakh tonnes of coal production this year.

GDK-5 surface mine in Ramagundam-1 area, new OC mines and JVR OC-2 mines in Kottagudem area were asked to start OB work without any delay. It was clarified that steps should be taken for production in this financial year in the wake of the arrival of Stage-1 forest permits for the ambitious Naini project in Odisha.

Congratulations to Manuguru, Kottagudem, Ellandu, Ramagundam-2, Ramagundam-3, Srirampur and Mandamarri areas for working towards the targets in the month of July. The rest of the areas also want to work towards achieving the targets.

Corona preventive measures were ordered to be continued and plants to be planted as per the targets set for the areas in the green garland program.

Mr. S. Chandrasekhar, Director (Operations), Kottagudem Corporate Office, Mr. N. Balaram, Director (Finance, Personnel, P&P), Mr. D. Satyanarayana Rao, Director (E&M), Advisor (Mining), Mr. D.N. Prasad Singareni Bhavan, Hyderabad, Advisor (Forestry), Mr. Surendra Pandey, ET (Cole Movement), Mr J. Alvin, GM (Coordination, Marketing) Mr. K. Suryanarayana, attended by general managers from all of the area.


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