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NTPC-Simhadri conduct Offsite Mock drill at stage2 chlorination plant today

NTPC-Simhadri: Offsite Mock drill conducted at stage2 chlorination plant today at11.00 hrs to know the emergency preparedness, system functioning and coordination between various departments like

NDRF, CISF Fire/security, Police department involving mutual aid scheme members RINL steel plant and Hinduja power plant during emergency.  The offsite mock drill  started at 11.00 hrs by simulating chlorine gas leak at chlorine  tonner and gone beyond  our boundary  effecting 4 persons inside plant and 8 person outside boundary at public road.

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All the casualties were rescued by NDRF, CISF and shifted to safe place after first-aid.  The chlorine gas leak was also arrested by another team of CISF with the help of chemistry operators.

After mock drill Debriefing done at ash silo area, where GM(O&M)sir, Dy Commandments,  joint Chief inspector of factories,  GM(opn), Police,  NDRF, hods & representative of C&I, OFS, OPN, chemistry, tmd & safety participated.


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