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Hyderabad: Post office digital services available to public

The Department of Post has made a number of digital services available to bring post office procedures closer to the people. Mr. T.A.Sharma, Senior Superintendent of Post Office, Hyderabad South East Division, said in a statement.

ATM Cards: Withdraw money from Post Office Account can be drawn from any Bank ATM through Post Office ATM Card. Interoperable debit card facility is not available.

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Internet Banking and Mobile Banking Services: These services allow you to transfer money from your own post office account to others’ post office account. Recurring (RD), Term (TD) Deposit Account can be opened.

In addition, the deposit can be closed and the cash can be transferred. Deposits and withdrawals can also be made in a public provident fund account. You can see the balance of all your accounts.

The money can be transferred to any other post office related account through the India Post Payments Bank Account linked to the Post Office Savings Account. Cash can be transferred to any bank account through IPPB account and bill payments can also be made.

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