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AP govt has releases Rs 1,124 Cr incentives to industries

CM Shri YS Jagan said that industries need to improve if the state’s economy is to improve. Incentives of Rs 1,124 crore have been released for MSMEs, spinning and textile industries.

Incentives for MSMEs and textile spinning mills were released today at the camp office.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister Shri YS Jagan …

Today we are launching a great program to support MSMEs and Spinning Mills. MSMEs are working to create another 10 jobs for themselves. There are approximately 97,423 MSMEs operating across the state.

Apart from setting up small scale industries, they are also employing another 10 lakh people. Supporting such a sector means … that the state government would say a word to such people … giving them the confidence to invest in the state.

Midle of the post

Medium-sized entrepreneurs, including MSMEs, can sustain the state’s economy if they can protect all of them. Since agriculture contributes to GDP, so do industries.

In the last two years, a total of Rs. 2,086.42 crores were given to the industry. “Our state tops the nationwide opinion poll of entrepreneurs,” he said.

“Despite the minus growth rate worldwide, we are ahead with a positive rate because of the programs we have taken and the money we have given to the people has sustained our economy,” he said.


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