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Hyderabad: Usman Sagar lifts four gates

Usman Sagar gets flooded with recent downpours: Heavy water reaching the reservoir: The Meteorological Department said that there will be another three days of rains: Usman Sagar Four gates lifted one step: Release of water into the Musi River.

HMWSSB MD Danankishore advises to be vigilant about Musi watersheds

Due to the recent heavy rains, the Usman Sagar (Gandipet) Reservoir has been flooded. The reservoir has already reached full water level.

In addition, there is the possibility of rain in the next three days the weather today, following the instructions of the Department of the Saturday per hour in a single afternoon, the four gates of the reservoir usmansagar out by a step 468 cusecs of water is being discharged into the Musi River.

On this occasion, Water Board MD Danakishore advised the officials of various departments to be vigilant about the catchment areas of the Musi River.

However, for the second time this year, which will open the gates Usmansagar. The gates opened for the first time on July 22 and closed on July 25 as the drought subsided.

Himayat Sagar

Two gates were closed today as floodwaters from the upper reaches of the Himayat Sagar Reservoir receded. Meanwhile, 700 cusecs of water is being discharged into the Musi River through two other gates .

Details of the twin reservoirs (currently):

Himayat Sagar: Himayat Sagar Full Water Level: 1763.50 feet: Current water level: 1761.75 feet: Reservoir capacity: 2,968 TMC s

Current capacity: 2,562 TMC s:  Inflow: 800 cusecs: Outflow: 700 cusecs: Total number of gates: 17 gates: Number of elevated gates: 2 gates

Usman Sagar: Usman Sagar Full Water Level: 1790.00 ft: Current water level: 1789.00 feet: Reservoir full capacity: 3.90 TMCs: Current capacity: 3,671 TMC s: Inflow: 1100 cusecs: Outflow: 468 cusecs: Total number of gates: 15 gates: Number of raised gates: 4 gates


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