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Singareni: Successful of Mega Vaccination Campaign: Vaccinated 4426 employees

The mega vaccination program conducted on Sunday across Singareni was a success. A total of 4426 employees, neighborhood service personnel and family members of the employees were vaccinated.

Under the direction of Shri N. Sridhar, Chairman and Managing Director of the company, Shri N. Balaram, Director (Personnel, Finance, P&P), conducted mega vaccinations in hospitals and dispensaries across the Singareni area on Sunday.

The Singareni employees, 39,259 have already been vaccinated with the first dose. On Sunday, another 199 people were vaccinated with the first dose. This brings the number of first dose users to 39,458. Already 13301 employees are getting the second vaccine. On Sunday another 2918 employees got the second dose of vaccination. This completes the two-dose vaccination for a total of 16219 people.

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In Singareni, 17808 neighborhood service personnel have so far taken the first dose of the vaccine. Another 278 were vaccinated on Sunday. This brings the number of neighborhood services employees who took the first dose to 18086. Also 1177 people took the second dose. Another 68 people took the second dose on Sunday. This completes the second dose of vaccination for a total of 1245 neighborhood service personnel.

In mega vaccination 232 people in corporate, 228 people in Kottagudem, 101 people in Sattupalli, 394 people in Manuguru, 167 people in Illandu, 445 people in Ramagundam-1 area, 459 people in Ramagundam-2 area, 176 people in Ramagundam-3 area and Bhupala Palli area 674 people were vaccinated in Srirampur area, 447 in Mandamarri, 178 in Bellampalli, 163 in Goleti and 62 in STPP.

Of these, 199 employees received the first dose and 2,918 received the second dose. Of the employees’ family members, 648 took the first dose and 315 took the second dose. First Dose neighborhood services staff of 278 people,68 people are taking a second Dose General Manager (Coordination) said that Sri kesuryanarayana. Director (Personnel, Finance, P&P) Shri N. Balaram thanked the Singareni Medical Department, all the officers and staff who made the mega vaccination a success.


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