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Teacher’s Day being celebrated across the country

Teacher’s Day being celebrated across the country; Shikshak Parv – 2021 to commence today to mark the occasion

Teacher’s Day is being celebrated today. The day is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of former President and great educationist Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

President Ram Nath Kovind has greeted teachers across the country on the occasion of Teachers’ Day. In a message, President said, Teachers’ Day is an occasion when we honour the dedicated services of all the teachers who play a leading role in the intellectual and moral development of our children. Mr Kovind said, in Indian tradition, teachers are placed at the same pedestal as God.

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President said, during the COVID-19 global pandemic, the pedagogy adopted by the teachers also underwent a major change. He said, during the lockdown, our teachers accepted every challenge associated with the introduction of the online medium of education. The President said, they took effective steps to enable uninterrupted education of the students.

On this occasion, Mr Kovind called upon everyone to express gratitude to the entire teaching community for its invaluable contribution towards building a strong and prosperous nation.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has greeted the entire teaching fraternity, which has always played a pivotal role in nurturing young minds. Mr. Modi said, it is commendable how teachers have innovated and ensured the education journey of students continues in the COVID-19 times. He also paid, his respects to Dr. S. Radhakrishnan on his Jayanti and recalled his distinguished scholarship as well as contributions to the nation.

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