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Singareni: Another 10 new coal mine projects will be set up in next three years: CMD

50Lakh tonnes production increase every year

Singareni should reach 850 Lakh tonnes of production by 2023-24

CMD in the review meeting on new mines

Singareni Chairman & MD Sri.N.Sridhar said at the monthly review meeting that 10 new projects are starting in the next 10 years and the required projects and permissions must be procured at the earliest and there will be a review meeting about the progress in this regard every month.

Review meeting was held on Monday (September 6th) at Hyderabad Singareni Bhavan with Company Director (Operations) Sri. S. Chandrashekar, Director (Projects & Planning, Finance, Personnel) Sri. N. Balaram, Director (E&M) Sri. D.Satyanarayana Rao, Advisors, ED (Coal movement), GMs of Project planning, Estates, Marketing departments.

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Detailed review was held on the GDK  open cast, JVR OC-2 Extension, Naini Project which are to start production this year, their target of 10 million tonnes and the new projects coming up in the next 3 years.

He said that since 30 lakh tonnes coal production was set as target for the GDK Coal mine, 100 lakh tonnes for Saini Coal block (Odisha) and in the coming years, 53 lakh tonnes for VK coal mine, 60 lakh tonnes from RG coal mine (GDK-10), hence the required permissions have to be fastened for these mines and ensure that the production starts on time after receiving all the permissions.  With this Singareni will achieve a production of 750 lakh tonnes in 2021-22.

He instructed that the proposals have to be competed for the 5 mines which have to start in 2022-23.  He discussed with the officials about the proposals and permissions for MVK OC (yearly target of 25 lakh tonnes), Goleti OC (35 lakh tonnes), JK OC (Rompedu, 25 lakh tonnes), Tadicharla OC-2 (50 Lakh tonnes), Penagadapa OC (15 lakh tonnes) and New Patrapada (Odisha).  After all the permissions are obtained and the targets are met then by 2023-24 Singareni will achieve 850 lakh tonnes of production.

He said that since some old mines are being closed in these 3 years, Singareni should increase 50 lakh tonnes of production every year and there is a necessity to start new mines and keeping this in mind the concerned officials should start working on the permissions from now onwards.

Advisor (Mining) Sri. DN. Prasad, Advisor (Forestry) Sri. Surendra Pandey, ED (Coal Movement) Sri. J. Allwyn, GM (Co-ordination) Sri. K. Suryanarayana, GM (CPP) Sri. K. Nagabushana Reddy, GM (Marketing) Sri. K. Ravishankar, GM (Estates) Sri. G. Venkateshwar Reddy, GM (PP) Sri. P.Sattaiah, GM (Environment) Sri. K. Kondaiah, GM (Strategic planning) Sri. Surendar, Area General Managers of new mines participated in this meeting through video conference.

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