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Telangana Ponds are overflowing with flood water

27,000 Ponds full of flood water.  Another 6,000 ready to fill

Overflowing ditches, bunds .. The government wants all engineers to be local

Heavy flows to Nijansagar and Singur

More than half of the Ponds in the state have been completely flooded due to torrential rains. Out of a total of 43,870 Ponds, 27,000 Ponds are completely filled with silt.

Another 6,243 thousand are ready to overflow at any moment. The government has directed all Irrigation Department engineers to stay local and review the condition of the Ponds from time to time.

Currently, the Ponds in Karimnagar, Gajwel, Khammam and Warangal divisions are completely filled. 1,500 for 2,889 Ponds in Karimnagar division and 1,720 for 2,946 Ponds in Warangal district. Out of 1,409 Ponds in Khammam, 1,400 Ponds are inundated.

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Of the 6,308 Ponds in the Gajwel division, 4,000 Ponds were filled. Of the 1,246 Ponds in Adilabad district, all but three or four Ponds are muddy.

According to Irrigation Department records, 985 out of 1,314 Ponds in Suryapet district in Krishna Basin and 800 out of 1,927 Ponds in Nalgonda are filled. The state government has directed the Irrigation Department to take precautions in coordination with the Revenue, Municipal and Meteorological Departments to prevent the Ponds from being cut off.

Nijamsagar, Singur ready to fill

While the Sriramsagar project is already fully flooded with the current rains, Singur and Nijamsagar are also likely to be flooded. The Nijamsagar continues to flood at 26,823 cu secs from the local streams, while the total storage is currently at 12.93 TMC as against 17.80 TMC.

The inflow to Singur is 23,646 cu secs. The storage capacity of 29.91 TMC is currently 25.82 TMC of water storage. Irrigation sources say these flows are likely to increase further in the wake of the current rains.

Sriransagar recorded inflows of 24,510 cusecs while discharges were down 44,940 cu secs. With this, the flood is 86 thousand cu secs to Ellampalli and 58 thousand cu secs to Lower Manor.


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