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Invitation to AU DIPR Chair Prof Dr H Purushottam for a keynote address at the National University of Oman

Andhra University DIPR Chair Professor Dr H Purushottam has been invited to deliver a keynote address at the Webinar on the 8th (tomorrow) of this month at Al Bulushi National University in Oman. To this extent the NU Dean said in a statement.

‘International Patent Filing Protocols through Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) Route” by  Prof. H.Purushotham

Prof. H. Purushotham, IPR Chair, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, formerly Chairman and Managing Director, National Research Development Corporation( Govt. of India), New Delhi, India.

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He guided organizations and institutions to file more than 200 national and international patents.

The workshop will be on the 8th of September 2021 and will be held for two hours.

Kindly use the following link: meet.google.com/pbg-xvgm-wfm


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