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Vice President calls for increasing multi disciplinary in higher education

Vice President Venkaiah Naidu has called for increasing multi-disciplinary in higher education to produce wholesome efficient individuals from Universities and realise the full potential of our demographic dividend.

In his virtual address at the inauguration of the Moturi Satyanarayana Centre for advanced study in humanities at KREA University today, the Vice President said that the National Education policy 2020 recognises the importance of holistic education and seeks to break the rigid and artificial barriers between various disciplines.

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He said that being proficient in one’s mother tongue fosters better learning and creativity and enables easier learning of other languages. He said that one should branch out and learn as many languages as possible, including Hindi.

The Vice President called for research in social sciences which would enable more diverse voices. He said that technical institutions should integrate arts into their curriculum, students with arts and humanities background should be given options to gain exposure to computing, artificial intelligence and other such frontier areas.

The Vice President said that the Centre will foster innovative research, nurture a new generation of social scientists, strengthen inquiry practices within and across disciplines and provide fresh insight into important public issues.

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