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AP: Govt effective performance in collaboration with bankers in Corona situations: CM Jagan

216th State Level Bankers Committee Meeting.
State Level Bankers Committee Meeting at the Camp Office chaired by Chief Minister Shri YS Jagan.
He said, I would like to thank the banks for cooperating with the state government in such a difficult situation.
The economy has slowed down due to the Covid‌ disaster. The distribution system is damaged. Jobs were damaged. Survivors were also lost due to Covid.

The whole country was similarly devastated by these catastrophic conditions.
Total tax revenue in the country fell by 3.38 per cent in 2019–20 as never before in the last 20 years.
The following year, 2020–21, the economy continued to slow due to lockdowns and other sanctions to prevent the expansion of Covid.
The country’s GDP growth rate fell to 7.25 percent.

In the first quarter, however, GDP growth fell to 24.43 per cent.
It can be said that AP has shown effective performance compared to the country due to the cooperation of bankers during this difficult time.
The country’s GDP is projected to decline by 7.25 per cent in 2020–21 to 2.58 per cent in AP. I appreciate the bankers who played a key role in this.

In the same context I am bringing some things before the bankers. Term loans were down by Rs 3,237 crore compared to the same period last year. Statistics show that credit to agriculture is down 1.32 per cent. At the same time, it is gratifying to see that the crop yields are 10.49 per cent higher.

Special focus on lease farmers loans

I urge bankers to pay special attention to loans to tenant farmers. So far 4,91,330 crop cultivators have been issued right cards (CCRCs). Not only were they given CCRC cards, but the data was embedded in the e-cropping. Where did they lease the land? What is their survey number?

These details are linked to RBKs, e-cropping and CCRC cards. All these tenant farmers are really farmers who are cultivating the crop. We confirm through a document that they are tenant farmers through CCRC cards and also verify and verify where they are cultivating the crop through e-cropping.

Midle of the post

In their case the bankers should come forward and give them loans. Crop yields are also very important for everyone who is engaged in agricultural activities. Those who are engaged in agricultural activities should definitely get loans.

V. Brahmanandareddy, SLBC Convener

We put banking correspondents in RBK.
We have already put 6538 places in 10778 RBK.
Elsewhere, we will take steps to appoint banking correspondents.
Praise is pouring in for the programs being undertaken for self-employment among women, including Cheyuta, which is being carried out by AP
At a recent meeting in Mumbai, several northern states were fascinated by the AP program.
Bankers were urged to take up similar programs in their states as well.
Bihar and Uttar Pradesh MPs have expressed interest in the way women run retail shops along with big companies.
They also demanded that similar programs be launched in their states on the lines of AP.
AP is the number one lender in the country in terms of loans given to small traders as part of Jagannath’s companion.

Sudhir Kumar Jannavar
Chief General Manager, NABARD

Digitization completed in Vyasaar district. Next we are launching a complete digitization program in Guntur and Srikakulam districts.

Dinesh Kumar Garg, UBI ED, Mumbai.
The programs being carried out in Andhra Pradesh have helped the economy to survive even in catastrophic situations like Kovid. RBKs are also an innovative system. This is very beneficial for the farmers. We consider the sale of fertilizers, pesticides and seeds through RBICAs and taking orders through kiosks as a breakthrough in the current digital age.

The meeting was attended by Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath, Agriculture Minister Kursala Kannababu, CS Adityanath Das, Agriculture Special CS Poonam Malakondayya, Housing Special CS Ajay Jain, Chief Secretary, Finance, Welfare, Panchayati Raj, Rural Development, Govt. , Finance Secretary KVV Satyanarayana, NABARD Chief General Manager Sudhir Jannavar, SLBC Convener V Brahmanandareddy, representatives of various banks and other senior officials were present.

Virtually RBI Regional Director K Nikhila and UBI ED Dinesh Kumar Garg were present at the meeting.


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