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AP: “A great tribute to martyrs to work with honesty and commitment “: PCCF N. Prateep Kumar

“A solid tribute to the forest martyrs”

Guntur: Mr. N Prateep Kumar IFS,PCCF (HoFF) said, “It is a great tribute to the martyrs to work with honesty and commitment.” He was the chief guest at a function organized at the Forest Department headquarters on the occasion of National Forest Martyrs’ Day.

Some employees in the forest department explained that Forest Martyrs ‘Day is celebrated on September 11 every year as National Forest Martyrs’ Day, as they are on duty to protect the forests and forest resources.

He said that while on duty, we all have a responsibility to pay tribute to the state forest personnel who lost their lives in the line of duty.

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He lauded the unparalleled talent of the staff in conserving the forest resources and said that everyone was working with commitment in conserving the forest resources even though the staff was small. The state government is also positive about raising staff.

He explained that we are working to protect the forest resources, increase greenery and without compromising on the welfare of the staff. During the Covid, 38 employees were unfortunately killed and lakhs of rupees were handed over to their families.

Fifty lakhs of staff from the bottom to the top have been donated to the Forest Department Covid Fund. They explained that in addition to the government donations, they also supported their families with humanitarian donations from their staff.

On this occasion, the staff was called upon to work hard till the 33 per cent increase in greenery without showing any sluggishness. The family members of the martyrs were richly honored at the event.

The function was attended by senior officials Chiranjeevi Chaudhary, AK Nayak, Arif Khajuria, AK Jha, Gopinath, Srinivasa reddy, Ramachandra Rao, Sivaprasad and others.

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