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Tamil Nadu: A tornado was seen in the sea at Rameshwaram

Tornado waterspouts were seen appearing over the sea near Mandapam at Gulf of Mannar in Tamil Nadu.

Fishermen in Tamil Nadu spotted tornadoes appearing over the sea near Mandapam at Gulf of Mannar in Rameswaram. One of the fishermen managed to capture a photo of the twister appearing steadily over the sea.

Officials from Ramanathapuram Fisheries Department explained that the phenomenon is known as tornado waterspouts, which are rotating columns of air over water.

In general, a tornado and waterspout occur when a vortex of air begins to pull in cool and moist air from the surrounding, while there is a layer of warm air present in the area as well.

The main distinction between a tornado and a waterspout is that while a tornado occurs over land, a waterspout occurs over water.

Both tornado and waterspouts have a rapid rotation of air and are both classified as tornadoes.However, waterspout tends to be weaker.

Tornado waterspouts are seen mostly in tropical area, but are a rare sight.


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