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Telangana: CM KCR gives green signal to set up ‘Haritha Nidhi’

State Chief Minister KCR announced in the Legislative Assembly today that a Haritha Nidhi’ is being set up for the uninterrupted Telangana Ku Harithaharam program for Telangana. During the question and answer session he explained the aspects of plant care implemented in the Harithaharam program.

The monsoon sessions of the Telangana Assembly resumed on Friday. The Legislative Assembly was inaugurated by Speaker Pocharam Srinivas Reddy.

Questions and answers were taken up immediately after the meeting began. During the question and answer session on Gram Panchayat funds, CM KCR said in the assembly .. ‘Our Panchayats have received many awards. Many states are amazed at our villages.

I have said many times that panchayat grants are not acceptable. Opposition parties do not know how much funding will come from the Center. During the corona, the salaries of the MLAs were stopped but the funds for the panchayats were not stopped. Our state sarpanch is living with dignity. Diversion of funds is completely untrue, ”said CM KCR.

Gramsarpanchs worked wonderfully: CM KCR

The monsoon sessions of the Telangana Assembly are underway. Speaking in the House on the occasion, CM KCR Harita Haram lauded the services of the village sarpanches for their excellent work. The villages are said to have beautifully landscaped rural nature forests.

He said parks have been set up in every village with the efforts of the government. Rural nature parks have been set up in 526 zonal centers.

Similarly, urban parks have been set up on 35,700 acres. “We have seen severe droughts and disasters in the past,” he told a KCR meeting.

The number of trees in our country is very low, said CM KCR in the House. Therefore, CM KCR called for tree planting as a movement.

He said weather conditions around the world have changed.

Canada has the highest number of plants planted in the world. CM KCR said that natural disasters can be prevented with greenery. The CM expressed deep concern in the House that deforestation had taken place before our eyes.

He said his government had paid special attention to greenery since coming to power. He said Rs 6556 crore has been spent on greenery so far. He said 19,472 rural nature parks have been set up in the state.

There is a problem of ‘PODU’ up to 10 lakh acres in Telangana: CM KCR

CM KCR said that there is a problem of flooding up to 10 lakh acres in the state. Podu said he had already discussed the issue with the authorities several times.

He said it had already been made clear to the authorities not to attack the tribals. However, CM KCR clarified that the ownership of forest lands will not change under any circumstances.

Telangana: The forest department thanked the CM for setting up Haritha Nidhi

Many thanks to CM Shri KCR for setting up a Haritha Nidhi for the uninterrupted Harithaharam program for Telangana.

Minister for Forests Shri Allola Indrakaran Reddy along with MLA Shri Guvala Balaraju, CS Shri Somesh Kumar, CM Secretary Shri Bhupal Reddy, Special Principal Secretary (Forestry) Ms Shanthi Kumari, PCCF Ms R. Shobha, CM OSD Ms Priyanka Varghese and others met the Chief Minister and thanked him.

State Junior Forest Officers Association president Mozam Ali Khan thanked CM KCR and Forest Minister Indra Karam Reddy for setting up a Haritha Nidhi for the forest development.

Welcoming the establishment of the green fund, he assured on behalf of the association that they would work with more dedication and enthusiasm for greenery development and 33% forest development.


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