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Coal ministry says in process of finalising mine closure framework

Ministry of Coal is in the process of finalizing a robust mine closure framework. Its thrust will be on three major aspects of institutional governance, people and communities and environmental reclamation and land re purposing on the principles of just transition.

The Ministry is in consultation with the World Bank for obtaining support and assistance in this program. Ministry of Coal in a statement said that vast experience of the World Bank in handling mine closure cases in different countries will be highly beneficial and will facilitate adoption of the best practices and standards in handling of mine closure cases.

A Preliminary Project Report for the proposed engagement with the World Bank has been submitted to the Finance Ministry for necessary approvals.

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The Ministry said that the process of repurposing of closed mines sites has already been set in motion by the Sustainable Development Cell of the Ministry of Coal. Several rounds of meetings have been held with coal companies and Coal Controller Office to discuss various aspects relating to the envisaged programme.

Inter-Ministerial consultations have also been made with ministries concerned and NITI Aayog to obtain their views and suggestions.

The Ministry said that as of now, Indian Coal sector is doing its best to fulfil the country’s energy demand by augmenting coal production.



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