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Telangana: Measures to protect forest lands along with permanent settlement of podu lands: CM KCR directs authorities to start operations from 3rd week of October

Chief Minister Mr. K.Chandrasekhar Rao directed the officials to start the operation from the third week of October to address the issue of podu lands in the state. He said that not a single yard of forest land could be affected in the future and all necessary protective measures should be taken to prevent aggression.

A high-level review meeting chaired by the CM was held today at Pragati Bhavan on the issue of fallow lands. The meeting was attended by Asifabad MLA Ms. Aatram Sakku, Chief Government Adviser Mr. Rajiv Sharma, CS Mr. Somesh Kumar, CM Principal Secretary Mr. Nursing Rao and others.

CM KCR said the problem is with those who go out and occupy forest lands, cut down and abuse forest resources. Sacrifice forests for their selfishness. Govt to take tough measures to protect forest lands from dawn to dusk.

Tribal children have a love for forests. Their culture of life is associated with forests. Forests are kept alive. They use the forest only for their livelihood forest products such as beeswax, gum and firewood. Government protects their right to life.

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With the results achieved through the Harithaharam program, the country stands as an ideal. A special response is coming to the green fund. Forest officials need to pay more attention to protecting forests. Appoint effective officers. To them the government is all-round benevolent CM said.

Forest conservation is crucial for human survival. If neglected, it will remain a tree for future generations. The measures taken by the Telangana government to conserve forests and increase greenery are yielding great results. Biodiversity has also increased

Podu, who is growing in the middle of the forest, said he would move the farm and allocate land at the edge of the forest. Atlas will also issue certificates to those who have moved, provide facilities such as water and electricity to agriculture, and apply for farmer-to-farmer insurance.

He said the government would not hesitate to take any drastic measures to protect the forests and would hold an all-party meeting to address the issue of fallow lands and show a different approach to forest lands. The CM directed the officers to prepare duty policies for setting up of forest conservation committees

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