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Chimpanzees are good at doing things like humans

Impressive chimpanzee viral videos with many reactions, not only washing clothes in the indigenous style like humans, but also feeding the fish in the water

Odisha-based IFS officer Sushant Nanda has posted a video of a chimpanzee feeding a baby fish on her Twitter account.

In a video’s that has gone viral on social media, a chimpanzee can be seen washing clothes in the desi style just like humans. The video has prompted several reactions online.

Chimpanzees are extremely intelligent animals and that’s a fact. They adapt very quickly and can imitate a human being. Humans and chimpanzees share a whopping 98.8 percent of their DNA.

So, it was without a doubt that a video of a chimpanzee imitating a human being washing clothes would go viral on social media. Yes, you read that right. And, you can watch the video to believe it.

Midle of the post

In the short clip, the chimp can be seen washing clothes beside a near a stream. He was sitting down and washing a yellow-coloured t-shirt in a desi style.

He first smoothed out the cloth, applied some soap over it and rubbed the garment to clean it, all the while using water from the stream.

The chimpanzee was clearly imitating a human being and it was doing it perfectly. It seemed as if the animal knew all the steps to washing a piece of cloth. The video was uploaded on Instagram by user Sachin Sharma.

The video went viral with over 95,000 views and netizens loved how the ape could wash clothes with such perfection. They even flooded the comments box with emojis.

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