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ITCA Bengaluru launches 75 Students’ Satellites Consortium: Mission 2022

Indian Technology Congress Association in Bengaluru focuses on building synergies between academia, industry and research organisations. It has initiated an ambitious programme to commemorate the 75 years of Indian Independence. It has launched 75 Students’ Satellites Consortium: Mission 2022.

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Under the mission, a consortium of 75 students will build satellites to be launched by ISRO. The Indian Technology Congress Association has collaborated with various organisations such as TMISAT of Israel, CSPD Serbia and UNISEC of Japan to design and launch the student-built satellite by 2022 when India completes its 75 years of Independence.

During the address to the global leaders at the 76th United Nations General Assembly, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had referred to India’s 75 students’ satellites mission.


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