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Singareni: No shortage of coal in thermal power plants in the state of Telangana: CMD

Adequate supply of coal to thermal power plants contracted with Singareni in other states

After area wise product review, Singareni C&MD Statement by Shri N. Sridhar

“We are transporting coal every day to ensure adequate coal reserves at thermal power plants in the state, so there is no shortage of coal at Telangana power plants,” Singareni C&MD said..

CMD N Sridhar reviewed the coal production enhancement and transport issues with the directors and general managers of 11 areas at a meeting held at the Singareni headquarters in Hyderabad today. He further said that for the last 7 years, we have been supplying coal to the thermal power plants in Telangana without any shortage.

Under no circumstances will there be a shortage of coal for power plants in the state. He also said that they were supplying enough coal to thermal power plants in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, which have coal supply agreements with Singareni, and would increase it in the near future.

The Singareni Thermal Power Station has also been producing good PLF for the last 7 years with adequate coal reserves. He said that the power plant was ranked 6th in the country and was playing its part in meeting the power requirements of the state.

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All the underground mines across Singareni, O.C. He said that armed measures have been taken to transport coal production from the mines as per the targets and it is now ready to transport 90 lakh tonnes of coal per day and efforts will be made to transport 2 lakh tonnes of coal per day from November. The Union Coal Ministry said it was also supplying coal to thermal power plants in other states as per their targets.

Let’s work efficiently in times of crisis – let’s show Singareni talent at the national level
C&MD with Directors, Area GMs. Shri N. Sridhar

Singareni CM & MD told Singareni that as a public sector undertaking, Singareni would not need to transport 2 lakh tonnes of coal per day from November 1 to overcome the shortage of coal in the country’s thermal power plants. Shri N. Sridhar called.

On Monday (October 18), he spoke to the company directors and general managers of all areas via video conference from his Hyderabad office. The Union Coal Ministry said the Singareni company wanted to increase coal production and transportation as there were not enough coal reserves in various thermal power plants in other states in the country, so they wanted to produce and transport as much coal as possible in each area.

He said that all necessary permits for coal boosting would be given immediately and every Singareni should do his part to prevent this as it was a critical power crisis facing the country. The Chairman and M.D. Shri N. Sridhar called. It was created to take action wherever possible to increase production and to grant the necessary permits and funds immediately.

On this occasion, he had a thorough discussion with the Singareni Directors and the General Managers of all areas on the potential for increasing coal production and transportation, which is now taking place on a mine-wise basis. Targets were set on daily coal production and transportation.

The meeting was attended by the Director (Operations) Shri S. Chandrasekhar, Director (E&M) Shri D. Satyanarayana Rao, E.D. (Col. Moment) Mr. J. Alvin, Advisor Mining Mr. DN Prasad, GM (Coordination) Mr. K. Suryanarayana, G.M. (Marketing) Shri K. Ravishankar, G.M. (Strategic‌Planning‌) Mr. Surender‌ GMs of all areas participated via video conference.

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