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Survey begins on Singareni Solar Plant in Lower Maneru Reservoir

Director (E&M) Shri D. Satyanarayana Rao Observation

Survey to be completed in another month – Plant‌ structure design based on survey

Mr. D. Satyanarayana Rao Director, Singareni Calories Co. Ltd. (E&M) said that they are conducting a survey on various aspects of the 250 MW (DC) floating solar plant to be built by Singareni at the Lower Maneru Reservoir near Karimnagar through a private company and after the survey will design the construction style of the solar plant.

On Thursday (October 21st) Ariesis Technologies, the company conducting the survey, personally inspected the survey in the reservoir on their motor boat. The agency was directed to complete the survey within another month and submit a report immediately.

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As part of the survey, a hydrographic survey of the water level, water velocity, etc. in the reservoir, a biometric survey of the subsoil, and a bed soil survey of the subsoil are being conducted.

Based on these, it is decided where the plant should be located in the reservoir and with what measurements. Although the floating solar plant floats on water, the survey can be used to arrange for anchors to be placed underground on either side of the plant to keep it stable.

In principle, the state government has allowed the Singareni Company to set up a floating solar on the Maneru reservoir. In this regard, the Irrigation and Fisheries Departments are also responding positively to the Singareni proposal.

Director (E&M) Shri D. Satyanarayana Rao said that after getting the approval from the state government, Singareni will invite tenders from construction companies across the country for the construction of the floating solar plant. Meanwhile, tenders have been called recently for the appointment of a project management‌ consultancy.

He said if the plant is commissioned, Singareni Solar will be the first plant in the country to float on reservoir water. He was accompanied by Deputy GM (E&M) Shri S. Srinivas, Shri A. Nataraja Prasad, Shri P. Naveen and Mr. K. Verma.

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