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Hyderabad: Continental Hospitals set up a super specialty clinic on IITH campus

Hyderabad, October 21, 2021: Health problems are on the rise due to changing lifestyles and eating habits. More than 4000 students from different parts of the country are staying and studying in IIT Hyderabad, along with more than 1000 IIT employees and their families.

Dr. Riaz Khan, CEO, Continental Hospitals, said that the clinic was set up on campus with medical services of all specialties with the main objective of providing better treatment to students and company employees.

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IIT Director, Professor BS Murty said that in the current mechanical lifestyle it is not advisable to neglect their health and one should consult a doctor in case of any minor health problem.

Looking at this need of the hour, Institute has approached the continental team to set up a clinic for their staff and students on their campus, so they need not go out for treatment. I congratulate the Continental Team for setting up the clinic.

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