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Singareni Thermal Power Plant bags “Energy Efficiency Award”

“Energy Efficiency Award” for Singareni Thermal Power Station

Announced by the Council of Enviro Excellence

This is the fourth award to be presented this year at the South Indian level

Singareni CMD N Sridhar expressed happiness

Hyderabad: The Singareni Thermal Power Station, operated by the Singareni Colliries Company at Jaipur, Manchiriala District, has been nominated for another prestigious award this year.

The Council of Enviro Excellence (Mumbai), which announces incentive awards for research on various aspects related to power generation companies, held a national conference on Friday (October 22) to present the “Energy Efficiency Award” for the year 2021 at the national level.

Organizers are announcing this outstanding award to the Singareni Thermal Power Plant in the category of about 100 plants with a capacity of 500 MW and above in South India. Normally plants with a capacity of 600 MW are standardized to consume 2444 kcal of energy (coal) to produce one unit of electricity.

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Of the two plants at the 1200 MW Singareni thermal power plant, one plant consumes only 2425 kcal (coal) per unit of electricity, which is less than the specified standards of production per unit of electricity.

Organizers said they were announcing the Energy Efficiency Award in recognition of the most efficient use of coal in this way. Nominated for this award for achieving low temperature with low coal, saving on electricity and oil consumption for plant needs.

Congratulations to the Chairman and MD Shri N. Sridhar

Mr. N. Sridhar, Chairman and MD of the company, expressed his happiness over this and congratulated the plant officials and staff. The plant has already achieved good PLF and is one of the best plants in the country and hopes to achieve more in the future by maintaining the same performance.

Four consecutive awards at the South Indian level this year.

Although it is only five years since the opening of the Singareni Thermal Power Station, it has been the model for hundreds of thermal power plants across the country with its excellent performance and best management practices. Last year, it was ranked second in the country among the best PLF achieving plants in the government’s thermal power plants segment.

Meanwhile, Mumbai-based Mission Energy has presented three awards at the Singareni Thermal Power Station at the South Indian level this year. These include the Water Efficiency Plant Award, the Best Power Plant Performer Award, and the Best Flyash Utilization Awards.

Mr. D. Satyanarayana Rao, Director (E&M) expressed happiness and appreciated the work of the officers and staff along with the efforts of the CMD in this regard.

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