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Telangana govt seeks more changes in purview of Krishna River Management Board

Telangana Government has sought more changes in the purview of Krishna River Management Board (KRMB).

In a letter to the board, the State Government asked for omission of seven components of Nagarjunasagar Left Canal from Schedule-2 of the gazette notification till the finalisation of the Award of Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal -II.

The KRMB is yet to be implemented though the appointed day was 14th of this Month.

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State Engineer-in-Chief C. Muralidhar has written a letter to this effect to Chairman of the River Board M.P. Singh.

He pointed out that N.S. Left Canal has been modified by the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh Government from time to time disregarding the Lower Krishna (Nandikonda) Project Report, 1952 of the previous Hyderabad State and also the joint report of Telangana and Andhra States, 1954 to the disadvantage of Telangana region.

He also urged the board to restrict water utilisation as per Joint Project Report, 1954 and to irrigate the areas covered by the seven components through alternate sources.


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