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SC: Maintain water level in Kerala’s Mullaperiyar Dam at 139.5 ft until Nov 11

The Supreme Court has come out with the verdict that, the water levels in Mullaperiyar Dam in Kerala, should be restricted to 139.5 feet until November 11. The apex court accepted the recommendations submitted by the Supervisory Committee. Kerala also raised its dissent regarding the rule curve.

Tamilnadu was of the opinion that the water levels should be limited to 142 feet. But Kerala raised objections stating that, the 142 feet limit would be dangerous. Supreme Court has informed that it will hold detailed hearing regarding rule curve as per Kerala’s request. The next hearing on the case will be on 11th November.

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Meanwhile the State water resources minister Roshy Augustine has opined that the verdict by Supreme Court gives hope to the state. The court has demanded a detailed affidavit stating Kerala concerns on the issue. Minister said that this would be of great help in convincing the apex court. Kerala is stern on its stand that a new dam needs to be constructed at Mullaperiyar.

However the Minister added that, even though the Mullaperiyar dam is likely to be opened tomorrow the public need not panic. All necessary detailed precautions have been taken to ensure the safety of the people.


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