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Hyderabad: Cultivation of cannabis (Ganja) in flower pots

The state police and excise department officials have been instructed by the CM KCR to take strict action against cannabis cultivation and to identify and arrest such persons.

In this context, an interesting fact came out in the searches conducted under the auspices of the Neredimate Police Division. Police found cannabis growing somewhere in the backyard, in the garden of the house and in flower pots, rather than in the fields.

According to the Neredimate CI…

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Cannabis plants are grown at home, rather than in huts. A cannabis plant was found growing in flower pots in a house in Yapral Godavari Gardens, Naredmet Division.

Jawaharnagar CI Bhikshapathirao led the raid and arrested the owner of the house on a tip-off.

Accused Shiva, along with another man named Sharma, and were found growing cannabis plants in his house for a few days along with a foreign woman, police said.

The two were arrested by the police. Cannabis plants were seized and a case was registered.

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