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3 Singareni officials suspension over Srirampur mine accident: After Director Balaram preliminary inquiry

Suspension of two supervisors, including deputy manager, charge sheet issued to mine manager

Jobs for the heirs of the deceased during the week

The management, which is seriously considering the death of four workers in an accident at the SRP 3 & 3A incline mine in Srirampur area on Wednesday (November 10), has suspended three persons who were found responsible in its preliminary inquiry.

The mine manager issued the charge sheet on Friday afternoon (November 12) suspending the relevant shift over men and mining sardars, including the deputy manager.

Those who deal lazily on defense are warned not to neglect anyone. This is the first time in the history of Singareni that action has been taken so fast in the case of a mine accident

It is learned that the Chairman and MD of the company, Shri N. Sridhar, immediately ordered an immediate inquiry into the accident. The Director (Personnel, Project and Planning, Finance) directed Mr. N. Balaram to immediately go to the mine and conduct a preliminary inquiry and report.

Meanwhile, Shri N. Balaram, who was on an official visit to Mumbai at the time, immediately withdrew and went to the mine on Thursday (November 11) morning to inspect the scene.

In order to continue a comprehensive investigation into the matter, the management decided to immediately suspend the three who were found primarily responsible and give the chargesheet to the manager.

Mr. N. Balaram, Director (Personnel, Project and Planning, Finance), said that he has repeatedly suggested that production should be achieved with a high priority on defense, and that funding for defense enhancement should also be granted with due diligence.

He warned that mistakes in defense were costing workers their precious lives, so that employers would take strict action against those who were careless and negligent in defense.

In this case, the authorities have made it clear that the measures will be strict, regardless of whether they are workers. Therefore, he advised the officials and employees of the Singareni-wide mines to take more careful measures in the matter of protection.

Jobs for heirs during the week ..

Expressing deepest condolences to the four workers who died in the mine accident, the management went to their hometowns on Thursday (November 11) and handed over the company’s ex gratia to them. The management has directed the concerned departments to provide the remaining matching grant and other benefits as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, as per the order of the Chairman and MD Shri N. Sridhar, one of the eligible families of the deceased will be given a job within a week. To this end, Director (Personnel, Finance, P&P) Shri N. Balaram said on Friday (November 12) that we are expediting the recruitment process in view of the special circumstances and will not only provide employment documents during the week but will also give postings in the desired area. .


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