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Kerala: Water released again from Idukki Reservoir

In Kerala, water from Idukki Reservoir was released again this morning. A shutter of the Cheruthoni dam, one of the three dams that form part of the Idukki hydel project, has been opened 40 centimetres releasing 40,000 litres of water per second from the Idukki reservoir. The reservoir has 2,399.40 feet of water, as against its full reservoir level of 2,403 feet.

This is the third time, water is being released from the Idukki reservoir this year.
Earlier, two spillway shutters of the Mullaperiyar dam were also opened this morning, as the water level touched 141 feet. Two more spillway shutters of the dam were opened later.

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Water from Idukki reservoir is being released as a precautionary measure to regulate its water level, taking into account the additional inflow from Mullaperiyar.

The district authorities have cautioned people staying along the banks of River Periyar to remain alert.

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