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Strike disrupts Singareni progress: Singareni management

Financial loss to workers, their family members and the company

Quit the idea of ​​a strike and contribute to the upliftment of the organization

Coal blocks auction center policy decision

Try to save the blocks in alternative ways rather than strike

Singareni management appeal in discussion with representatives of all unions

The Singareni management has appealed to all trade unions to withdraw from the idea of ​​a strike and contribute to the upliftment of the workers, thereby contributing to the development of the workers. He said the strike would not do anything and would not only hurt the company financially but also all its employees.

On Friday evening, the Singareni management held lengthy special talks with the leaders of the five coal unions, including the Telangana Coal Mine Workers Union, AITUC, INTUC, HMS, CITU and BMS, against the central government’s decision to auction four coal blocks in Telangana.

On this occasion, the management revealed to the leaders of the trade unions the changes that have taken place in the allocation of coal blocks in the country from pre-independence to the present. He also described the efforts made by the owners to ensure that the four blocks did not go to auction.

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Apart from writing a letter to the Center on behalf of the company, they also explained the exploration work they had undertaken in those blocks. State Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhara Rao also wrote a letter to the Prime Minister and the Central Government seeking allotment of coal blocks to Singareni.

The Singareni management said that four coal blocks were being auctioned in Telangana in the wake of the central government’s nationwide policy decision on the allocation of coal blocks. The management explained to the trade union leaders that there was no use except to cause loss to the company which was on the path of development and that we could solve our problem in other ways that would not disrupt the production.

Singareni survival at risk with four blocks auction: Labor Unions

Leaders of all the unions at the meeting openly expressed concern that the survival of Singareni would be jeopardized if the central government auctioned off four blocks, that employment opportunities in Telangana would be reduced in the coming days and that working families would fall by the wayside. They are happy to call themselves negotiators.

He said that even if the Center bids for the blocks, whoever sees to get them will collectively prevent them, prevent other companies from entering the Singareni area and protect the existence of Singareni with collective struggle. If necessary, form an all-party government and the Union Coal Minister.

Also, the Prime Minister will be heard together. “If we do not strike now, we will inevitably suffer in the future,” he said. He recalled that earlier when the company went into BIFR, all the unions worked together and helped the company to turn a profit.

The management appealed that they would always support the struggle of the trade unions in other ways besides the strike to save the coal blocks and not go on strike in view of the development of Telangana and the future of the Singareni workers.

Directors S. Chandrasekhar (Operations), N. Balaram (Projects and Planning, Finance, Personnel), D. Satyanarayana Rao (E&M), GM (Coordination, Marketing) K. Suryanarayana, GM (Personnel) , IR, PM, RC) A. Anandrao, GM (CPP) K. Nagbhushan Reddy, GM (PP) P. Sattayya, AGM (IR) Hanmantrao, DYPM L. Tirupati, TBGKS Leaders Venkatrao, Miryala Rajireddy, Kangarla Mallya, AITUC Leaders Vasireddy Sitaramaiah, INTUC Leaders Janak Prasad, S.Narsinghareddy, HMS Leaders Riaz Ahmed, Jakkula Narayana, CITU Leaders Rajireddy, Madhu, BMS Leaders Yadagiri Sattayya, Madhava Etc. participated.


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