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Hyderabad: MEAI celebrates “National Miners’ Day”

The risk-free mining industry should be everyone’s goal

The sacrifices of the miners are priceless

Accident prevention with the use of technology: Retired Deputy DGMS Shri A. Lakshminarayana

Management of National Miners’ Day under the auspices of MEAI Hyderabad Chapter

Retired Deputy Director of Mines Safety Shri V. Lakshminarayana said that the sacrifices of the miners who are working for the betterment of the society by extracting minerals and resources in the face of adverse conditions around the world are invaluable and they are fighting to the death for the development of those countries.

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He was speaking as the chief guest at a webinar hosted by MEAI Hyderabad Chapter on Monday (December 6) on the occasion of National Miners’ Day (USA). He suggested that mining engineers and employees should work together with the aim of minimizing hazards in the mining sector.

The U.S. Legislature declared the day of the tragic event in 2009 National Minors’ Day to commemorate the sacrifices made by 362 miners in a December 6, 1907 mine accident in Monoga, West Virginia. May 4 is declared as the National Coal Mine Workers’ Day in our country.

He said that by saving safety standards in the mines, valuable lives could be saved by mining and there was a need to create awareness among everyone working in the mines about safety. Mr. S. Chandrasekhar, Director (Operations), Singareni, Webinar, said, “Large scale use of technology in Singareni has significantly reduced the risks. He said the aim was to bring these to a vacuum.

On this occasion, Dr. MS Venkataramayya, Head, Department of Mining, Mallareddy College of Engineering, Hyderabad, Chairperson, MEAI, Hyderabad, delivered a welcome address on the occasion. He said programs were being conducted on behalf of MEAI to impart practical knowledge to mining students.

Former Presidents of MEAI VS Rao, VD Rajagopal, (ES CI) (Engineering Staff College of India) Mining Division Head Shri KJ Amarnath, JBIT HVD Shri Virareddy, MEAI Singareni Chapter Secretary Shri Sunil Verma Others said that they were happy to make mining students partners in the programs organized under the auspices of MEAI Hyderabad Chapter.

Tributes were paid to the minors who lost their lives working in the mining sector before the launch of Webinar. On this occasion the defense pledged to work with defense while working in the mines. About 50 mining professionals and 50 students participated in the webinar, said Mr. B. Mahesh, Secretary, MEAI, Hyderabad Chapter.


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