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Amrabad Tiger Reserve is an ideal place for trekking

Wildlife Tourism Package at ATR: Tiger Safari, Trekking, Forest Study Tour: 4,600 for two and Rs. 9,600 for six

Wildlife tourism at Amrabad Tiger Reserve (ATR) will be available soon. The tour will be available with rare experiences like Tiger Safari, Trekking, Forest Study Tour, Opportunity to talk to tribals

The booking process for the Tiger Safari, which is being piloted in Farahabad, ATR, will start on Sundays or Mondays (7th and 8th) at https://amrabadtigerreserve.com. Information that this Wildlife Tourism Package Tour is likely to start from the 14th of this month.

The first day will be a single trip with 12 people. Tiger Safari Tour, Trekking and Forest Study Tours are developed under the supervision of Amrabad Tiger Reserve CF B Srinivas.

This is how tourism goes ..

The tour starts in the afternoon on the first day. After the meal, we will make the tourists aware of the activities being carried out by the Forest Department for the conservation of the forest, conservation of greenery and conservation of wildlife through documentaries.

We will show you the lab, plastic and other waste recycling center set up there. We will inform you about what is Tiger Reserve, the importance of environmental protection and the functions performed by the Forest Department.

After that there will be trekking in the forest. On the way back in the evening, the tourists stay in cottages set up in the dark, nice pleasant forest around the night.

Will be taken on safari the next morning. The tour ends in the afternoon when we return. It was decided to bring the food items on order from the adjacent Zoo resorts.

After a while we came up with the idea of ​​preparing food with local chinks. We are looking to find employment for them by preparing meals through a local chinchilla self-help women’s group.

To get a live experience ..

On the way to Srisailam temple, one stops in the middle of the forest. Apart from that, the package is designed to give tourists a first-hand experience of the forest as well as to highlight the natural beauty and uniqueness of the forest.

Rs 4,600 for two and Rs 9,600 for six.

As part of the wildlife tourism / safari package, prices are set at Rs 4,600 for two and Rs 9,600 for six. Jungle so run it with basic amenities and amenities. It was designed with the intention of attracting tourists to Amrabad.

So our idea is to create a package tour, trekking, safari, overnight stay in the cottage all together.Tourist guides by tribals ..

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