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NRCM-Hyderabad scientist develops new product of “Frozen Mutton Haleem Balls”


          Value added  novel mutton Haleem product

          Highly convenient to use, store and transport

          Utilization of fresh Haleem

          Long distance transportation

          Useful in QSR as a novel ethnic meat product

Dr. Suresh Devatkal, Senior Scientist, NRCM-Hyderabad did a lot of research on lamb and got credit for creating a new product called “Frozen Mutton Haleem Balls” that is ready to eat.

Scientist Dr. Suresh explained that the NRCM-Hyderabad technology was utilized by the Union Ministry of Food Processing to create the new product “Frozen Mutton Haleem Balls”. Expressed happiness over new product innovation.

At a time when the central government is promoting new startups, the new product developed by MRCM has gained prominence.

The “Frozen Mutton Haleem Balls” recently launched under the MoFPI-R&D project in 2020 have recently emerged as a new product. Indian Patent with Commercial Status / Patent / Publications: Frozen Mutton Halim Balls: The Process for Novel Production and Preparation. Application no. TEMP / E1 / 32692/2021-DEL. Date: 29-6-202. Technology is in the transition structure

Dr. Suresh Devatkal, Senior Scientist, NRCM, has previously provided extensive services in Ludhiana. Since then NRCM-Hyderabad has been providing extensive services in the field of research for the last six years paving the way for new innovations. Many appreciate his services in this field.

Director expressed happiness

Mr. Dr.S.B.Barbuddhe,Director was happy with MRCM’s innovations. The new product “Frozen Mutton Haleem Balls” has been given special recognition for the research done by Dr. Suresh of their institute, who said that he would encourage further research on behalf of the institute.

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