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Maharashtra: Strange monkey menace reported in Lavool village in Beed district

In Maharashtra, Lavool village of Majalgaon tehsil in Beed district is troubled by strange monkey menace for the past few days. Three monkeys enter the village from adjoining forest. These monkeys pick any dog puppy and throw it from tall trees or high rise buildings. Monkeys started this revengeful act after a group of dogs killed a baby monkey.

People started to assume that monkeys are on the revenge spree after their infants’ deaths by stray dogs. Meanwhile, monkeys began attacking everyone who ever tries to save puppies. One and a half month-long series of events came to an end when forest officials caught troubling monkeys and released them in the forest away from the village. Beed district forest officer Sachin Kand said that it’s not usual to have 250 dog puppies in a small village like Lavool.

He explained that monkeys were not killing dog puppies to have revenge, but monkeys were assuming those puppies as their own infants and taking them away from dogs. Eventually, puppies were not able to survive without food and water. Speaking about the events, a Former Panchayat Samiti member and resident of the village Mr. Radha Krishn Sonawne said that no puppy is killed by monkeys.

A monkey used to pick puppies and keep them on top of the buildings where puppies could not survive without food and water. While other puppies lost their lives by falling down from trees and buildings which are not their natural habitats. After releasing the monkeys in other forests, people, as well as dogs, are taking sighs of relief and experiencing the return of normalcy in the village.

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