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Hyderabad-based ICMR-NIN and Telangana govt to hold state-wide SARS COV-2 sero survey tomorrow

The Hyderabad-based ICMR-National Institute of Nutrition and Telangana state government will be holding a state-wide SARS COV-2 sero survey tomorrow.

The survey will be conducted among general population and health care workers, in all the districts of the state to assess the extent of community spread of the infection in the state.

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The Institute stated in a release that the sero-prevalence will be assessed by examining the SARS Cov-2, IgG antibodies in the blood samples to be collected.

The house-to-house survey will cover about 16 thousand population in 330 villages in all the 33 districts. 10 villages will be selected randomly from each district and 40 people will be selected from each village who are above 6 years of age from, both males and females.

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