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World Sparrow Day – 2022: Farmer ally ‘Sparrow’ in the cultivation of organic crops

World Sparrow Day 2022: This day is celebrated on March 20 every year to spread awareness about the conservation of Sparrows that are on the verge of extinction

Many biological species that are endowed by nature in maintaining ecological balance indirectly contribute to human survival by adhering to their nature. One of them is the sparrow, which helps in the cultivation of crops as a good friend to the farmers in pest control.

The role of the sparrow in the cultivation of organic crops in particular is worth mentioning. Hunger cries with pests, plagues, crop failures or drought conditions in China, which in the past distanced itself from Sparrows.

There is a need to protect endangered sparrows by helping nature and the environment in all possible ways. That is why we celebrate World Sparrow Day on March 20 every year. This summer we will be providing food grains to our friends the sparrows and setting up a water facility for the sparrows roaming around the house.

On March 20 every year, World Sparrow Day is celebrated to bring awareness about the conservation of Sparrows in the world and their decreasing numbers.

There used to be a time when sparrows were a common sight outside every household but due to the increase in noise pollution, the bird is now on the verge of extinction.

To address this issue, the National Forever Society India, in collaboration with the Eco-Sys Action Foundation, started World Sparrow Day as a global Initiative

World Sparrow Day is celebrated to protect and conserve the bird which is now on the verge of extinction. The day also aims to bring together people who share their love for sparrows and admire the beauty.

House sparrows were a common sight and were easily found in the backyard of our houses. But over the last few years, as we lost touch with nature and biodiversity, it became a difficult task to spot the common house sparrows in the city

The theme for World Sparrows Day this year is ‘I Love Sparrows’. The theme is inspired by the hope that more and more people will come forward to celebrate the bond that humans have had with sparrows in the past.

The theme also helps in highlighting how people from different walks of life are coming together to do more for nature and protect birds and species that are now on the verge of extinction.

The first World Sparrow Day was celebrated on 20 March 2010. After that, every year this day is celebrated all over the world to raise awareness about house sparrows and other common birds affected by the environment. The Nature Forever Society (NFS) in India started an international initiative to celebrate World Sparrow Day.

This Society works in the collaboration with Eco-Sys Action Foundation from France. The Nature Forever Society was founded by an Indian conservationist Mohammed Dilawar who started his work helping the house sparrows in Nasik. For his efforts, he was named “Heroes of the Environment” for 2008 by TIME Magazine


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