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Singareni: Uninterrupted supply of coal to thermal power stations of five states: CMD

Let’s supply coal to thermal power stations of five states without shortage

Special measures for coal production even under the influence of heavy rains

Immediate construction of more solid haul roads in all surface mines

Installation of high water pumps without incurring cost

Precautionary measures should be taken so that coal production and transportation does not stop even if it rains

Singareni Chairman and MD Shri N.Sreedhar direction on heavy rain impact, immediate measures

Recently, due to heavy rains, coal production and transportation across Singareni has been severely hampered, Chairman and MD Mr. N. Sridhar held a special review meeting with the general managers of all areas and directed the immediate steps to be taken without any hindrance to coal production even if there are heavy rains. On Wednesday (July 20, 2022) he spoke to GMs of all areas through video conference from Singareni Bhawan, Hyderabad.

Due to heavy rains in this month, the haul roads have become a hindrance for the transportation of coal and OB from the surface mines, so it is suggested to replace them with stronger haul roads to withstand any rains and be suitable for transportation. He said that as soon as the rain stops, it will be possible to transport coal from the OB and coal benches.

In this direction, measures to strengthen the main hall roads in all open cast mines should be taken up immediately, and permissions for these works would be granted immediately, he assured.

Meanwhile, to pump out the water that has reached heavily in the mines due to the rains, it has been ordered to provide as many additional pumps as possible along with the currently available pumps and to complete the process of pumping the water quickly.

The area owners have announced that they will immediately grant permission to set up new pumps anywhere. In this regard, he directed Director E&M Mr. D. Satyanarayana Rao to provide the necessary pumps for the area.

Uninterrupted supply of coal to thermal power stations of five states

He said that since the effect of rain has reduced, all the areas should work together to produce and transport at least 1.5 lakh tonnes of coal per day, so that there is an uninterrupted supply of coal to the thermal power stations in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu along with Telangana, which has a coal supply agreement with Singareni. It is stated that the level of reserves to be kept in these centers has decreased in the background of last 20 days of coal transportation due to rains and these have to be replaced.

He clarified that once favorable conditions are established in the mines, at least 2 lakh tonnes of coal should be produced and transported per day so that the production target of 740 lakh tonnes set for this year must be achieved. It has been suggested that an average of 10 lakh cubic meters of overburden should be removed every day along with coal, and this should be increased to 14 lakh cubic meters per day when the conditions are favorable.

In this video conference, Chairman and MD along with Director (P&P, Finance, Personnel) Mr. N. Balaram, Advisors Mr. D.N. Prasad (Mining), Mr. Surendra Pandey (Forestry), ED (Coal Momentum) were present in this video conference. Mr. J. Alvin, GM(Co-ordination) Mr. K. Suryanarayana, GM (Marketing) Mr. M. Suresh participated while Director (Operations) Mr. S. Chandrasekhar from Kottagudem, Director (E&M) Mr. D. Satyanarayana Rao from all areas participated. GMs and others participated.

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