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University of Forestry (UoF) Act 2022 passed by both the Houses of Telangana today: First of its kind in Country

University of forestry (UOF) Act 2022 approved by Telangana legislative assembly & council today.

The “University of Forestry (UOF), Telangana Act, 2022”will be first of its kind in the country. Only Russia and China has forest universities in the world. Third is in India that too in Telangana.

Forest and Environment Minister Allola Indrakaran Reddy introduced the Telangana Forest University Act, 2022 in the Assembly on Monday, and today it was discussed and approved in the Assembly and Council.

Ministers, MLAs and MLCs congratulated Minister Indrakaran Reddy that it is historic to establish a university for forest education for the first time in the country.

In the early days of the formation of a separate state for Telangana through Haritaharam, Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhara Rao took it. Since 2015, Haritaharam has been a priority program of the government.

The Chief Minister set up the Forest College and Research Institute (FCRI) in 2016 with the intention of giving priority to forestry education over other technical educations.

Now the same college is being upgraded to a university. A campus at Mulugu near Hyderabad (Siddipet District) is already ready with state-of-the-art facilities, modern buildings and all the amenities required for forestry education.

Government of Telangana has decided to nurture FCRI as a world class institution for Forestry Education, Research, Extension and Outreach.

For this purpose it is proposed to upgrade FCRI Hyderabad into a full-fledged “University of Forestry (UoF)”, Telangana by enacting a special legislation with the following objects:

i.To produce qualified forestry professionals for conservation and sustainable management of forest resources.

ii.To foster research and to develop appropriate methods for propagation of the plantation crops to meet the demand from industry and domestic needs.

iii.To develop Agro-Forestry models suitable for different Agro-ecological situations, apart from conventional forestry operations so as to reduce pressure on natural forests, economic upliftment of farming communities and to enhance ecological conditions.

iv.Networking and partnership with similar institutions to synergize learning

v.To promote action research by providing extension training to the farmers.

vi.“University of Forestry (UOF), Telangana” will produce trained Forestry professionals with the needs of the Forest Department.

Once the FCRI is upgraded as University, in addition to the existing, it is proposed to start additional 18 programmes like PhD courses, Diploma & certificate courses in Urban Forestry, Nursery Management, Agro Forestry, Tribal livelihood enhancement, Forest entrepreneurship, Climate smart Forestry & Forest Parks Management.

As a result, the student strength will be 726 i.e. additional 360 to the present strength of 366 and the employee’s strength will be 210 i.e. additional 92 to the present strength of 118.

Hon’ble Chief Minister of the State will be Chancellor of the University, as the Chancellor shall appoint the Vice Chancellor.

Growing Greenery Under Telanganaku Harithaharam is Flagship Programme of Telangana Govt Since State Formation.

The Government of Telangana’s flagship program “Telangana Ku Haritha Haram” has been launched to improve green cover in the State to 33%.

“Telangana Ku Haritha Haram” is one of the most successful programmes of the Government and received widespread appreciation from all over India and abroad.

Availability of trained, qualified Forestry professionals would go a long way in strengthening this massive programme.

Telangana Governement under “Telangana Ku Haritha Haram” program  so far planted 268.83 cr. of seedlings.

Due to consistent efforts of the government over the last 8 years, green cover in the state has increased by 7.7 % and forest cover by 6.85%.


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