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CF who visited the family of driver Satish

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Anantapur Forest Circle CF Ramakrishna today extended his deepest condolences to the family of Satish, an outsourced driver of the Forest Department who was killed in an elephant attack. He handed over a check of Rs 1 lakh temporarily to his wife Lena under Exgratia. It is learned that Satish was killed in an elephant attack last night.

A beat officer taken in a jeep on Wednesday to oversee plantation works in Chittoor Forest Division (West), Yadamarri mandal, Kammapalli beat area. The elephant was alarmed when the headlights of the jeep fell on the eyes of the elephant next to it in order to avoid an oncoming two wheeler during the night on the return journey. The beat officer in the jeep jumped anxiously. However, the driver of the jeep, Satish, was delayed in getting off the vehicle. The driver, Satish, who was hiding in the bush, was trampled by the elephant and injured. As a result, Satish succumbed to his injuries on the spot.

The driver Satish, who was killed in an elephant attack, went to his hometown Iruvaram (Yadamarri mandal) village and CF met his family members to offer condolences. Satish has a wife Leena and three little girls. The older girls are studying in classes seven and six while the younger girls are studying in LKG. Satish’s wife Leena lamented, asking CF to support their family with small children.

Measures to support Satish’s family: CF

CF Ramakrishna expressed deep sorrow over the death of Satish, who had rendered invaluable services to the forest department as a driver. He said the government would work hard to support his family. He said his department would submit a full report to its superiors as per government norms. Similarly, Satish assured the family that he would work hard to pay the full ex-gratia in a few days. Among those who visited the family of the deceased Satish are  CF Ramakrishna along with Chittoor DFO (West) Ravishankar, Forest Range officers DRO, Section and Beat officers.

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