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Elephant Shrew: ‘Rat-like elephant’ found in Africa after 52 years

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There is very good news for wildlife lovers from all over the world. The African country has been in elephant Shrews after nearly 50 years. This rat-like creature was not seen for about 50 years.

The African country has found an elephant like a rat in Djibouti about 50 years ago.

This little organism may be like a rat in size but comes from a community of elephants.

According to local records, it was last seen in the 1970s

The African country of Djibouti has found elephant Shrews, a rat-like elephant, about 50 years ago. This little organism looks like a rat in size, but it comes from a community of huge elephants. According to local records, elephant shrews were last seen in the decade 1970. The meeting of this ‘ elephant ‘ has roused a ray of hope among animal lovers around the world.

This rat-like elephant is also known as Sengis.

They are neither elephants nor hide-and-hide. They belong to Aardvarks (a pig-like animal found in Africa) and elephants and manetti. They have a sharp nose that they use to eat insects. There are 20 species all over the world. Of these, Somali Sangi is the most mysterious. Scientists

are now planning a major plan to study the Sangi,which was found only in Somalia, so its name became Somali.

It has been identified by a researcher at Duke University in the United States. He says that he is very thrilled to see this organism again. “When we opened our first trap, we were really thrilled and hilarious,” he told the BBC. “We did not know what creatures were found in Djibouti, and when we saw the kalgi tail of the Segi, we began to see the mouths of our companions,”

Heritage said. We got the impression that it was something special. However, Djibouti researcher Hussain Fileh said that he has already seen such creatures in Djibouti. He said the people of Djibouti did not know that this organism had become disused. Scientists are now making a big plan to study these seangi.

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