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Elephant terror in Chittoor district: Forest driver killed

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Elephant poaching continues in Chittoor district Satish (40), an ACF outsourcing driver, was killed on the spot in an elephant stampede in the Reserve Forest near Palamaner this morning. Forest officials and staff are concerned about the incident.

According to the story of CF Ramakrishna …

A beat officer and another person were taken in a jeep on Wednesday to oversee plantation works in Chittoor Forest Division(West), Yadamarri mandal, Kammapalli beat area. The elephant was alarmed when the headlights of the jeep fell on the eyes of the elephant next to it in order to avoid an oncoming two wheeler  during the night on the return journey. The beat officer and another person in the jeep jumped anxiously. However, the driver of the jeep, Satish, was delayed in getting off the vehicle. The driver, Satish, who was hiding in the bush, was trampled by the elephant and injured. As a result, Satish succumbed to his injuries on the spot.

Let’s support Satish’s family: CF

CF Ramakrishna expressed shock over the incident in which driver Satish was killed in an elephant attack. He left for Palamaner this morning to monitor the situation. He said the government was taking steps to support Satish’s family.

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